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Stenciling Directions for

FS3 F3
Lunenburg, MA

Original colors:

Red (tulips) FS3 F3 #1
White (every other flower center within the tulips) FS3 F3 #1
Black (every other flower center within the tulips, overlay of white center, and 8 petal motif between wreaths, and border design) FS3 F3 #2
All on a medium green background  

The register marks for the border will guide you both in the continuous placement of the units and in the overlay of the second piece.

FS3 F3 #1 has register marks which serve only to align the pattern with the grid. Be certain of the outcome of your wreaths at the edges of your floor before deciding where to place the first units and the grid lines. Snap your grid lines at 11 5/8".

FS3 F3 #2 align over white center using register holes from FS3 F3 #1. Draw parts of tulips with indelible pen onto FS3 F3 #2 to guide your future placement.

FS3 F3 #3 place between wreaths by eye. Before obscuring with paint, use indelible pen to mark petals of tulips for future placement.