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Stenciling Directions for

FS20 F3
Dorchester, MA

There are 2 colors here but 3 stencils.

FS20 F3 #1 and FS20 F3 #2 are the same color, but separated to allow FS20 F3 #1 to be cut from heavier mylar. Made to look like a woven rug, the irregularities of this pattern were too great to assure alignment by any means. Therefore, it had to be trued.

1. Snap centerlines on your floor using a chalk line. With the largest motif (FS20 F3 #1) you can either a) center it to the middle of the floor, or b) align its corners to the middle of the floor. Be certain of the outcome of your pattern at the edges of your floor before making your decision. Snap your grid lines at 11 1/2" on your floor.

2. Draw your guidelines through the outer units with an indelible pen to correspond with the chalk grid and mark "TOP" on all stencils.

3. When moving the patterns left, right, up or down, use the corner units in addition to the grid to register the repeat.

4. As with all patterns, before applying any paint, center the overlay stencil on top of the base stencil. With an indelible pen, trace 3 motifs from the base stencil onto the mylar of the overlay stencil. These tracings will be your registration marks when you are ready to place and paint the overlay.