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Stenciling Directions for

FS19 F2 / FS19 FA2
Marblehead, MA

This floor was made to look like inlaid wood. The stencil has been trued to assure your floor will come out evenly at the edges.

1. Snap grid lines on your floor 16" apart using a chalk line for FS19 F2 or at 12" apart for FS19 FA2. With Piece #1 you can either A) center it to the middle of the floor, or B) align its corners to the middle of the floor. Be certain of the outcome of your pattern at the edges of your floor before making your decision.

2. Spray Pieces #1 and #3 with adhesive on the back (dull) sides.

3. Lay the large Piece #1 correctly on your chalk axis. Place the two drop-out pieces within the space, and then lift out the drop-out Piece #2.

4. Hold Piece #3 in place as you stencil the resulting space.

5. Align the "inlaid wood" stencil with its register marks to create the completed pattern.