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Stenciling Directions for

Neshanic, NJ

Besides the stencil for the border, I have included a circle for a square floor and an oval for a rectangular floor, and their corresponding drop-out pieces. Sometimes you will use the stencil, other times you will want to mask it with the drop-out piece.

You will cut out the crescent shaped stencils from the rectangular pieces of mylar. The crescents' size will be determined by the dimensions of your floor pattern. To do this you will need a carpenter's knife or similar tool, and a pane of glass on which to cut. More about this later.

1. Mark off the outer border of your room where the stencil will be placed. 12" is suggested, but you do have leeway to make the border wider or narrower.

2. Mark off the inner, narrower border. 3" or wider is suggested.

3. With the chalk line, snap diagonal lines crossing between the opposite inner corners of the inner border.

4. Find the centers of each side on the inner border. Snap a chalk line from opposite sides, across the floor.

5. Equally divide these sections (between the centers and corners), and snap chalk lines diagonally to the opposite side through the center of the floor.

6. Now you have divided opposite sides into four equal lengths, where the crescents will be. If the floor is square, all crescents will be the same size.

7. On my 8' x 10' floor, the crescents are approximately 3" x 22" on the long sides, and 3" x 16" on the short sides. Determine how yours should look and draw them on the mylar pieces. Cut them out, saving the drop-out pieces.

8. In succession, mask off all radiating segments of the same color, and paint them. Use your drop-out crescent to shield the crescent shapes at the ends. Then use your crescent stencil to fill in the contrast colors. Stencil the center circle or oval now.

9. Mask off your narrow border with automotive tape or painter's tape and paint it. Grain it now if graining is desired. Mask off your wide border and paint it. Grain if desired.

10. Stencil your large outside border.